Euro Truck Simulator Product Key

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an RPG, then, that’s about levelling up your trucker as you explore the wilds of central Europe and beyond. Just set your truck in any direction and see where it takes you, unlocking new dealerships and locations on the way, or pick up jobs that ferry you across the sizeable map. It’s Fallout or Skyrim, only Whiterun has been swapped out for Rotterdam, Megaton for Portsmouth.

Earn enough money and you can buy a truck of your own. You can start running your own jobs, picking up lumber or oil in Felixstowe and escorting it to Bremen for a better payout, and stacking up the cash. Bring some more in and you can start hiring other drivers, and acquiring other trucks, setting up an empire that spreads across Europe. It’s like Total War where you get to be Eddie Stobart instead of Caesar. Have enough surplus and you can even customise your fleet, decking out the cabin or painting the exterior and lavishing it with accessories. Or you might want to hold on and save up for a better ride, anyway: in Euro Truck Simulator 2, you’ll likely start in a Renault Magnum, with its top speed of a rippling 68mph, while having your heart set on the 111mph Volvo FH16 750, the trucking world’s equivalent of a Pagani Huayra. It’s like playing a Forza that’s just ingested a full English breakfast, fried slice, black pudding and all.